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Marano Business Solutions in a language service provider (LSP) specializing in the translation of South East Asian and East Asian Languages.

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The company was established in 2015 with the objective of helphing organizations and professionals in all sectors to compete on a broader spectrum through personalized linguistic solutions. We currently have a daily production capacity of over 25,000 translated words for each language pairing, with a quality control and assurance process which complies with the International Standard.

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We provide translation and localization from sources such as gaming, subtitles, life science, the automobile industry, marketing/ advertising, engineering, IT, finance, legal, travel, etc. We also offer an interpretation service for hospitals, factories, and many events in Thailand. Marano Business Solutions has a strong commitment to the language sector. For all of the above reasons, we hope to convince you that Marano Business Solutions can become your strategic partner to maximize your com- petitiveness in today’s global market. We look forward to helping you achieve that goal.


Providing high quality post-production

As a leading post-production house in Bangkok, Marano Studios oers a high-quality service with complete condentiality. Established by former members of famous post production provider's top management, we operate under the vision of an “elite post-production knowledge provider” providing an essential bridge to the world of television and lm.

More than 10 years’ operating experience

Our talented personnel use their expertise and skills to achieve the best possible post-production cinematics. Our involvement in the cinematic process ranges from the early stages of pre-production to postproduction services for short lms, feature lms and documentaries. We are also enthusiastic about project development for television broadcasts and digital content deliverables.


Our Services

Picture and Video Services

  • - Creative Image Post Processing
  • - Video Editing
  • - Special video effects, VFX, CGI/motion graphics
  • - Subtitling
  • - Finishing DCP in 2K, 4K, 2D, 3D, High Frame Rate (HFR)
  • - JPEG2000 encoding and DCP encryption and packaging

Sound Services

  • - Creative Sound Post
  • - Audio Data Software
  • - Sound Design and Sound Effects
  • - Home Video Dubbing and Mixing
  • - ADR
  • - Foley Recording and Editing
  • - Broadcast Dubbing and Mixing


  • - Professional Content Translation & Editing
  • - Content Translation
  • - Script Editing
  • - Script Correction
  • - Script Adaptation
  • - From and to 78 + Languages
  • - Quality Control Throughout the Entire Process

Subtitling & Captioning

  • - Multilingual Subtitling, Open & Closed Captions
  • - Video & Audio Transcription
  • - Translation
  • - Script Deiting and Adaptation
  • - Time-Coding
  • - Synchronization
  • - Spotting
  • - Mixing
  • - All Popular Subtitling Formats

Voice-Over & Dubbing

  • - Full Range of VO & Dubbing Services
  • - VO Recording
  • - Video Dubbing
  • - Lip Synchronization
  • - Dialogue Editing
  • - Mixing
  • - Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
  • - SDN Line Available for Real Time Monitoring


  • - Mutil Kinds of Interpreting
  • - Exhibition
  • - Excort
  • - Consecutive
  • - Simultaeous (Conference/Cabinet)
  • - Remote - Telephone
  • - From and to 78 + Languages
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